I’ve been anxiously awaiting searching for a shop that has a mix of vintage and casual modern cool. You’d be hard-pressed to find a shop around Santa Cruz that’s got that “it” factor without ripping our wallets apart — one that has everything from vintage cowboy boots, Mexican blankets, embroidered dresses, unique locally made jewelry, and effortless T-shirts to make your model-off-duty dreams come true. If you’d asked me yesterday what I planned to wear once the sun set, with summer moving in this weekend, I’d have had no idea. After a few visits at my new-found love, I’ve pretty much got my summer wardrobe sorted.

Tomboy owners Debbie Graves and Summer Suppen have been inspired by anything and everything, with our very own hip and homie Santa Cruz  as well as Big Sur, San Francisco, Santa Fe, Sedona, Austin  and Sayulita, Mexico. “We love textiles and beautiful spaces and bringing it all together to come alive." A cool-looking shop makes all the difference. Their shop’s design inspiration comes from recycled materials, re-purposed utility spools, plumber’s pipe, barn wood, metal farm implements, and old glass. “We didn’t want any part of it to feel cold, shiny new, or plastic …. lots of warmth and feeling.

We're always inspired by our own time, travels, talented artists, treasure hunters and collectors and the vast extended community that we are tied into via the web. Crazy summer fits like Bandit Brand, Tia Loca, Frye, Justin, Tony Lama, Durango, Copper Moon Apothecary (vintage) that’ll make for a hot-weather look that’s country, vintage, rock ’n roll and completely unexpected all at once. 

On your way to The Rio for a movie or the Crepe Place for a quick bite? Stop by Tomboy for your next “second skin.” Needless to say, as a vintage revival stomps ahead for the next few months, you can riffle through a handful of pieces for your wardrobe. No matter when you happen to pop into this shop, it’s sure to have you feeling like you’re getting ready to shoot a sartorial bible. In my next post Ill show you my favorite piece that I found last week! xx

PS. They have an Etsy Shop :o

Tomboy: 1207 Soquel Ave., SC;   831-425-1405; |; IG: tomboysantacruz


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